Close your eyes:

imagine a place without boundaries; a rainbow-colored sky and all around you well-tended land. Further away many proud olive trees and in front of you a Tuscan farmhouse that plays hide-and-seek behind centuries-old cypresses.

What if I told you that all of this has existed long before it was possible to photograph it?

What if I told you that today this place still lives outside of time?

What if I told you that this is the best representation of the Tuscany?

What if I told you that all of this could be yours?


Each time I come here to my estate-farm I remember the stories of my father, Andrea. Talked to me grabbing a fistful of soil as if he wanted to squeeze out all of the emotions. Before him, part of these lands belonged to his father Luigi, and today, I fix my gaze on it, and see my own future in the distance. Decade after decade these lands offer to the hard-working men quality harvests and precious oil. The problem with the land, used to say the farmer who followed the harvests, is that it is low… and it costs sweat but, he always added, seeing far ahead, sooner or later we will all return to agriculture.

Today, with many sacrifices and with more and more advanced tools, we have collaborators who help us to always get the best from our land and we do everything possible so that this excellence is shared with as many people as possible.

I Cipressini is not just a farm, it is a company that is growing and courageously investing in itself. For the past twenty years – at least – companies of all sizes and in all fields have been using the image of the main house for advertising and marketing.

The image is a symbol of Tuscany and its essence, and you’ll find it in every newsstand, postcards, guidebooks and souvenirs. One day an old friend sent us a postcard from China with a picture of our house. And since then, a dream has stuck in my mind: to make the most famous image of Tuscany a destination for guests from all over the world.

That’s how I decided to make I Cipressini an agritourism. Assisted in my dream by my father and by my mother Elisabetta who supported me in my ideas with love. I started this activity that offers me the opportunity to meet people of all nationalities, languages and traditions. This gives me enormous satisfaction that goes well beyond the mere business.

Now you can open your eyes and realize that you too can be part of all this. My name is Thiago and I would like to welcome you to I Cipressini.


My name is Thiago and I would like to welcome you to I Cipressini.