Experience the unmistakable scent of our oil that comes from the olive harvested by hand and ground the same day, it is the result of dedication to the olive grove throughout the year. It is a bright green oil that is full-bodied as its flavor which is distinguished by being naturally spicy.
You can never go back. 

You who are a family that wants healthy – quality food at the table or a restaurateur or even an oil trader buy your oil supply from us!

Our oil is produced by cold extraction!


By “cold extraction” we mean virgin or extra virgin olive oils obtained at a temperature below 27 degrees Celsius by percolation (filtration, separation) or centrifugation of the olive paste. The olives are not crushed but extracted by centrifugation. To make the best “cold extraction” it is necessary to implement the technology of the crusher. This means that the temperature must not exceed 27 degrees Celsius during the entire extraction process. The result is that the components of the oil that are responsible for the characteristic aroma and scent remain unchanged. If these conditions are not respected the components will disappear. This type of technique involves a lower production with the same quantity of olives but guarantees the highest quality of extra virgin olive oil.


  • 0,50 lt.
  • 0,75 lt.
  • 3,00 lt.
  • 5,00 lt

Also national and international shipments.

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